Connecting To God - Rabbi Abner Weiss

Connecting to God Book- Rabbi Abner Weiss - Kabbalah, Modern Psychology


Forty years of rabbinic and counseling experience are distilled in Connecting To God: Ancient Kabbalah and Modern Psychology, the first self-help book using the interface of Kabbalah and psychology for healing and transformation, spiritual growth, and personal transcendence.

Connecting To God is written in three parts. The first is an accessible introduction to Kabbalah, the ancient tradition of Jewish mysticism. It introduces readers to the kabbalistic Tree of Life and the divine energy centers, the Sefirot. It discusses the origins, nature, and the many reincarnations of the human soul, as well as the origin of evil and its challenge to our psychospiritual well being.

Connecting To Godís second section shows readers how to use powerful, transformative meditations and other spiritual strategies in combination with proven clinical interventions to heal self-defeating ways of thinking, feeling, relating, and being in the world. Twenty-eight stories of people who have been helped by kabbalistic psychology show readers how they can heal themselves by following the step-by-step program used for each of the people in the book. Healing is a necessary condition for achieving wholeness and fully realized spirituality. It releases us from inauthentic ways of being, permitting us to tap into our inner divine energies, find our calling, discover new ways of prayer, and learning to live with a sense of wonder.

Rabbi Abner Weiss
Los Angeles, California